What is a Smart Class ?

Smart class is an advanced technology implementation for schools, which includes Smart Hardware, Software and Multimedia Content designed to assist teachers in meeting day to day classroom challenges and enhancing student’s academic performance.

Smart classroom sessions has a mix of audio and visual media to create a sublime environment and display syllabus content to help student understand and remember better. These technology enriched lessons mapped to their School syllabus greatly impact learning and helps students understand the topics much better than what chalk and blackboard can provide.

Smart class is a convenient entry point to many exciting ways of learning including interactive lessons, activities and quizzes. It also provides a wholesome teaching and learning experience for the students and teachers respectively to implement innovative, create and deliver content.

Benefits of Smart Class

Complement Classroom Teaching

Smart hardware are designed to complement the teaching environment, hence improves the quality of teaching and effectiveness of learning.


Difficult Concepts Made Easy

With animation and multimedia (Audio and Video) rich content , difficult concept becomes very easy to explain making it effective tool for the weakest member of the class.


Promote Self-Directed Learning

Interactive content helps students to engage with the content and encourage self directed learning and involvement in the classroom environment.


Engaged Learning

Teachers are able to keep students engaged in the learning process and also get an instant and accurate assessment of learning outcomes achieved at the end of the class.


Reinforce Knowledge Retention

By being engaging and visual, the course materials are easily reinforced and increase the retention. It works on the principle that of what you see in action is what you remember.