Who are we?

The EduTab is meant to address the limitations of our outdated current education system, a system that doesn’t impart essential 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

The TOD Idea, we hope to use the EduTab to improve educational outcomes through focussing on the brain the child takes to class , a brain that is able to learn how to learn as it were.

These are the cognitive attributes we hope we impart: 

We hope you find this


Learning occurs when you capture the learners attention in this most distracted world of today. The EduTab fosters attention.


Activities to enhance both short term and long term memory are present on the EduTab.


The ability to anticipate what’s coming is every entrepreneur’s best attribute and we hope to achieve this using the EduTab.

100% syllabus coverage

To make sure you do not have to spend time reading voluminous books and get all what is required at one place.

24x7 doubt support

To make sure you do not miss a single concept. Live discussion forum as well as "call faculty" option available.

Video Lectures

High quality content delivered through high quality videos to make learning easy and life like.

Regular Tests

To track progress and gradually move to success. Chapter wise and full length tests based on examination pattern and latest trends.

24x7 Doubt Support

Unit wise and full length tests

Learn from the comfort of your home using your personal computer. All our courses run on desktops as well as laptops

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